in my feelings

Police warn against Drake song In My Feelings, KiKi Challenge

Police warn against Drake song In My Feelings, KiKi Challenge – In My Feelings, Drake song has viral on Youtube and many people are doing the KiKi challenge.  Police around the world have warned against doing the KiKi challenge. The Kiki challenge is also known as the In My Feelings challenge, involves jumping out of a car and dancing alongside it to Drake’s hit In My Feelings, while the car continues moving. Some videos of the dances uploaded to the Youtube show oblivious dancers crashing into poles, falling out of the cars. The craze began when an internet comedian Shiggy posted a video on Instagram of himself dancing to the song. Since his video went viral thousand of people have taken up the challenge including celebrities Will Smith and Ciara have joined. Police around the world, including in Spain, US, UAE, India, and Malaysia have warned people that the dance challenge is dangerous and people caught trying it could face criminal charges. Mumbai police tweet on Twitter that dance could put others lives at risk.

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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran in Boyle’s next flick

Singer Ed Sheeran will make a cameo in filmmaker Danny Boyle’s All You Need Is Love. The singer has earlier appeared on the big screen and small screen projects like Bridget Jones’s Baby and Game of Thrones. On a world tour at the moment, Sheeran will travel to Liverpool to shoot scenes with actress Lily James.

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