Propeller ads vs Adsense

Hey guys today I reviewing this Propellerads which you can show an ad on your website or blog. Adsense is the world most popular ad network but there are many ad networks we can make money by blogging. But today I’m talking about this Propellerads, when someone visits your website this Propellerads show you Popup Ads. And another type of ads is Notifications Ads when your visitor visits your website it shows you notifications Allow or Delly Ads if your visitor click allows than your website visitor gets notifications from other websites. And another one is Redirect Ads, when your visitor visits your website and click some web pages and then visitors automatically redirect to other sites. Before you sign up this website I recommend you don’t sign up this website because this site Ads are very boring and your visitor is no longer stay in your website, How much I earned? I earned only $0.28 and impressions are 3150, that’s why I am no longer working with Propellerads. Earning is low and boring ads your visitors get disturbed… You better to use Google Adsense then PropellerAds. Propeller ads vs Adsense


Payoneer Prepaid MastarCard
Webmoney z
Skrill Eur
Payoneer Bank Transfer
Paypal USD
Minimum Payout is $25
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Make money without Adsense

How to earn money from Youtube without Adsense

How to earn money from Youtube without Adsense – Everyone making money on Youtube by Google Adsense but there is not the only one way to make money by Adsense, Adsense is the most popular advertising network worldwide in this short article I’m going to share you some tips to make money without Google Adsense on Youtube.

Affiliate – Affiliate marketing, when you sell someone products you get some commissions, your earning depends on you which affiliate website do you joined and if you don’t sell out their products you don’t get a commission. Affiliate program sites are Amazon, Gearbest, eBay, Aliexpress, Flipkart. How do I sell? You can sell by reviewing products for example review smartphone or tell your viewers which camera and microphone do you use and put that product link in the description when someone buys that product you get a commission. every Youtuber do affiliate marketing…

Video Sponsored – If you have 50K than more subscribers on Youtube, some companies may contact you or you can contact companies and fix the promotion price.  You can promote other company app or website if they are trustful. How do I promote? Make the video and tell your viewers about the app or website what services they provide and why you should visit.

Channel Promotion – There are much smaller Youtube Channel you ask them. Say I will promote your channel give me some cash when they agreed and start promoting their channel.

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Make money from Fiverr, how to create gig in fiverr

How to contact Fiverr, What services can I offer to make money,

How to contact Fiverr – At this time it is not easy to make money online, everyone wants to do an online job. There are many platforms you can work for an online job but some website give a good amount of cash some just give work but they don’t pay. If you have some skills like Graphics designing, Photo editing, Video editing, Logo designing, Music & Audio, Programming,  Writing & translation, SEO, and many more. Today I am talking about Fiverr is an online marketplace which means you can buy and sell products there. The minimum price starts from $5. If you are a seller when you sell some products, for example, you sell $5 product on Fiverr and Fiverr takes $1 and you get $4. Fiverr is a free platform to make money but when you sell some items, Fiverr takes $1 from each product you sell. Sign up on Fiverr and start offering you items or called Gigs, to create gigs its takes about 5 mins to 10 mins depending on you. You can withdraw money via Paypal or Bank transfer…

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